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Clean Cook project

According to a recent report from Global Alliance for Clean Cook stove, over 30million households in Nigeria depend solely on firewood/charcoal to cook. This is unsustainable as it is poisonous to our planet, environment, and health. RenewDrive is a recent idea born out of our passion to create a lasting solution to environmental problems, faced by vulnerable populations in the marginalised communities of Nigeria. We realised that far above advocacy and sensitization around climate change, waste management, as well as access to clean livelihood, it becomes necessary to design and implement tangible solutions that will address various environmental issues affecting majorly the rural/urban poor. This initiative differs from what we have been doing in the past, because it is more of a practical-based approach to adapting to and mitigating various effects of climate change in our communities. Recent statistics from the World Health Organisation (WHO) indicate that, smoke from indoor air pollution contributes to over 95, 000 deaths every year in Nigeria. This is really worrisome because most of these deaths are avoidable and completely needless. What if our women have constant access to clean and affordable cooking energy irrespective of their economic status? This initiative was born out of the necessity to proffer lasting answer to this question. We believe the inability to afford 100% clean energy should not be a barrier to safe household cooking. We employ the use of combustible agro-waste like sawdust, dry shrubs, and sugarcane bagasse, thereby converting them to clean and sustainable cooking energy for all. Ultimately, we aim to connect women in marginalised communities to the alternative clean energy needed for safer cooking at an affordable cost. And also empowering them economically and teaching behavioural changes towards adapting/mitigating various effects of climate change in our communities.

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